The last few months have been especially busy for us at Pure Protect, as we prepared to exhibit for the very first time at one of the industry’s busiest expos – FSE London 2017.*

The expo provided me with an incredible platform to speak to those within the industry, but crucially it provided an opportunity to talk about the importance of the service we provide. As well as reviewing back books, our advisors are experienced in reviewing each client’s existing policies and arranging new and, fundamentally, better cover. This element of our offering has once again become key within the media.

Despite the Association of British Insurers (ABI) finding that 92.2% of new critical illness claims are successful**, for a small percentage of people this is not the case. The recently reported example of Maureen McShea highlights this. Even though she met all of the monthly payments for the critical illness cover she activated in 2001, Maureen was advised that she was not covered for the type of cancer she was diagnosed with late last year.

It wasn’t until Maureen had to file a claim for her illness, Paget’s Disease, cancer of the nipple, that she was informed that this form of cancer was excluded under her policy terms due to the fact that this cancer was a ductal cancer in situ and ‘non-invasive’, despite being treated by a mastectomy.

Policies sold during this time (the 1990s and early 2000s) often included strict technicalities which have now been reviewed by most insurance providers. If Maureen had bought the same cover provided by Aviva ten years later, she would have had a successful claim.

Like many, Maureen had taken her critical illness cover and life policy out when buying her home with her husband. Due to compliance regulations, critical illness cover often goes hand in hand with taking out a mortgage. However, it is essential that when providing clients with cover is not just seen as a box-ticking exercise and it is given the appropriate care and attention it deserves.

This case has showed the importance and the responsibility we have of informing clients at the time of purchasing their cover, the importance of getting their policies reviewed frequently to avoid the potential anguish in the future.


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** Source: “Protection insurers pay out £13m per day in claims”, ABI (2017)