Over the years we have seen a variety of different trends, and it looks like the personal fitness trend we saw gain popularity last year is here to stay. What used to often stay contained to a ‘January new year’s resolution’, has turned into a multi-million-pound market. Buzz-words such as; ‘clean-eating’, ‘HIIT’, and a range of fitness apps and watches are continuing to grow in popularity.

It certainly could be said that this has influenced the insurance industry. For example, VitalityLife prominently encourages its policy holders to get in shape with benefits such as half-price gym membership and sportswear. This is due to the simple belief that the more policy holders take care of their health, the less likely they are to claim.

This isn’t anything new within our market. As advisers, we are regularly sifting through an array of policies that are offered to young and ‘healthy’ clients. However, what if your client has a medical condition such as diabetes?

According to Diabetes UK, there are over 4 million people in the UK living with diabetes, and securing life cover for these clients is not always straightforward. Often it takes weeks to complete the application process, which can involve detailed medical questionnaires.  This is often followed by a negative outcome for these clients, with many facing exclusions, additional premiums or being declined cover entirely. Consequently, with so many clients deterred or denied, it is no surprise that a number of people living with this condition do not have life insurance. This is why I was so glad to hear of an innovative, new insurance product that was launched by Royal London earlier this year.

Royal London’s Diabetes Life Cover aims to significantly improve the customer journey. An integral part of this is the Kalibre insurtech platform, which has been designed and developed by Royal London alongside Blue Circle Life (part of South African life insurer AllLife Group). The platform uses an innovative risk assessment approach supported by continuous underwriting. It revolutionises the process of buying life insurance for people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by improving the time taken to accept an application from weeks to less than an hour.

Those who join the policy are also reassured that their premiums will never rise higher than their starting premium, which ensures that they will always be able to sustain their cover.

Despite these clients living with diabetes, they too can be rewarded for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. If the client manages their diabetes effectively they could see their premiums be reduced by up to 40%. All they need to do is share their annual HbA1c results.

At the time of launch, Royal London’s Diabetes Cover was available from a small number of adviser firms. However, this will soon change as the Royal London with plans to launch to the wider market imminently. I, for one, hope to bring this integral service to my clients in the future.


Dale North

Managing Director of Pure Protect